Daniel Titus Ndon was born gifted in music by the virtue of heredity. Raised and trained up by preist parent-Rev.& Evang. David Titus Ndon. By grace and divine means,he Started receiving and ministering fresh gospel songs earlier before his teenage. However with his experiences as he went through the corridors of vocalists, choristers, accappela singers, coupled with priesthood training, he’s figured out a gospel music misionary moved with passion to raise & build the talented to use their gifts only to glorify the giver & maker The most high God who will surely reward them inturn.

All the glory and honour is ascribed to the allmighty who gave all that was needed to take the project this far. To The Mega singers @ Fulga Eket, The rebirth minstrels @ Uyo, My wife-Advicer, lawrencity pianoist-my manager, krizflib-my producer, and  to all that has been a plus to this project. I make this promise, every effort channeled towards this project is a divine investment that won’t fail till it fills your embtiness. This is not just a music album but a force poised to reconnect the gifted to the giver while inspiring lot more folks for God.

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