“Nnam Asian” nno Abasi is a song purely from the heart. An expression of the victories I’ve received through Christ in the course of life’s battles; A sequence of 4 different fire accidents leading up to being deeply cut on my face by a dislodged oscillating ceiling fan landing on my head and another Fire accident!  Experiences that all left ugly scars on my face and body. 

Yet, being encouraged by the awesome deliverance of the Lord, I received a word saying that despite the scars, my face will be that one instrument that will serve the Lord in style, and boom!  birthed the song “Nnam Asian”.

This song is a reminder and encouragement that even if the enemy attempts a smack-down to knock you out of purpose, stand solid strong and focussed making your boast in the Lord because even the scars light up the Star in you, testifying of the greatness of our God.

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